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There will never be another Derek Jeter, and I suppose that is both flattering and damning.


Privacy is a vital thing in this world. It is the only time when we can be by ourselves, sit back, and self-reflect on everything that goes on in our lives. Sometimes, there are instances where our privacy is violated and we can no longer trust anybody around us, even the ones closest to us. She was in her hotel, minding her own business while taking a hot, steaming shower. Some pervert decided to be a peeping tom and look right into her shower to get a view of the sexy, naked body that is Andrews.

Now while it is probably a heavenly sight to behold, it is still a major violation in invasion of privacy. All athletes have those photos or secrets that they will take to their grave. But sometimes, secrets build up and then it is in the organization's hands to try and keep all them contained. They also have one of the strictest sets of rules and have to uphold the most set of standards out of anyone.

While they do have a pretty good reputation, they do have their faults and some secrets are meant to be revealed. This list takes a look at some of the most dire and juicy photos that the New York Yankees wish could have been kept private. So without further adieu, let's slide into the 15 photos that the New York Yankees wish they could have kept private.

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Leading it off for photos the Yankees would like to keep private comes from the man that was once "The Rocket". He had an explosive fastball and wipe-out split finger fastball that would drop at a moment's notice. He had over wins, 4, strikeouts, and should no doubt be in the Hall of Fame.

That man is Roger Clemens. Clemens was a force on the mound along with Andy Pettitte to form a dynamic duo with the Yankees. After his playing career, he was featured in the Mitchell report as one of the players in the MLB that used steroids. Here, we see a photo of Clemens testifying in court for his name to not be associated with the term, "steroid user".

The Yankees like to keep a squeaky clean image if possible. They try not to associate with liars, cheaters, or abusers; but every team has their exceptions.

Clemens had all of the talent on the field, but do fans maybe think that was because he had a little extra boost to his energy? We can only speculate at this point.

This is the first of many photos for this Yankee legend that he would like to keep private. Derek Jeter did everything while he was with the Yankees.

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He won multiple World Series rings, garnered many All-Star game appearances, served as team captain, and was one of the few professional athletes that spent his entire career with one sports organization. Jeter now has a role in the front office of the Miami Marlins. Besides his success in baseball, he Derek jeter naked had success off of the diamond as well.

Jeter lived the single life for a very long time before eventually settling down with Hannah Davis. The picture above shows Jeter enjoying a nice day on the beach with three bikini wearing women posing for a picture. On the surface, it doesn't look so bad considering Jeter was younger and single. But this is a photo he probably would want down so Hannah doesn't question whether he is a changed and committed man or secretly still wanting to be a bachelor on the prowl.

This story's a little puzzling. Aroldis Chapman has a troubled past, which included serious charges of domestic violence.

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However about five years ago, while he was still pitching for the Reds, another story emerged. Chapman was staying in Pittsburgh with his girlfriend when a robbery occurred in the hotel room the two were staying at. The woman he was seeing, Claudia Manrique said she was sitting in her room when a man knocked on her door, posing as a maintenance worker and forced his way into the room. It turned out Manrique was married and after she was brought to the police station for questioning, her husband picked her up. Chapman was not at fault in the robbery but the fact that his girlfriend's secret was revealed had to be embarrassing.

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Michael Pineda was a pitcher for the Yankees who was known for using pine tar to get a better grip of the baseball. Pineda was warned but not ejected. Red Sox manager John Farrell asked the umpires to check Pineda's neck in the bottom of the 2nd inning. They found the pine tar on his neck and was immediately ejected from the game. The photo above shows the umpires catching Pineda sticky handed.

Derek jeter in blue plain t-shirt

The fact that Pineda did this twice is amazing, considering how fans would have thought he had learned his lesson the first time from using it. This photo will always be linked to Michael Pineda and the Yankees, and this is probably one they want to put in the drawer and forget the world remembered.

Let's switch form Yankees shortstop to Yankees third baseman for this next photo wanted to be kept private. A-Rod like Derek Jeter was a big fan of living the bachelor life. In fact, the press decided to get a nice little photo of the two of them on vacation. First off, they don't even look like they were having fun on this vacation based on their facial expressions.

Second, professional athletes like to have some privacy themselves. Unfortunately, with cell phones on cameras now a days; anybody can get a snapshot of their favorite professional athlete if the timing is right.

A-Rod and Torrie probably just wanted a nice vacation away and they couldn't get that. Plus, look at Torrie Wilson's abs; just incredible how great of shape she is in. This is probably one photo A-Rod wishes didn't make its way to the internet. This next Yankee pitcher decided to go out on the town one night.

It is common after all.

Pitch a big game, get dressed and take a shower, and then go out afterwards and enjoy yourself a bit. Well, this guy decided to enjoy himself maybe a little bit too much. Based on his photo here, he definitely had a good time and that's all that matters at the end of the day. He won over games for the Yankees and total before he hung up his cleats for good in He is wearing a white collared shirt and jeans here with two ladies posing for a photo.

Based on his eyes in this photo, he might have had a few too many to drink. This is one night Mussina looks back on and either laughs, puts his head down in disgust, or simply doesn't remember. Whichever way he interprets it, the Yankees interpret this as unacceptable and wish they could take it down as fast as possible. Some of us just do not take great photos. Remember at picture day when you tried to find the perfect outfit and smile just the right amount so it doesn't look like you were trying so hard?

Those were the good old days. The good old days for Derek Jeter might not have been the greatest picture wise. In fact, I am willing to bet this photo is one that he wishes was only on his refrigerator at home. This picture shows Jeter's rookie year picture from As you can see, Jeter was a really skinny kid growing up. His arms look nowhere near as toned as he did in the later part of his career. That can be credited to Derek jeter naked Yankees strength and conditioning staff for coming up with a weight lifting program and full diet plan to help bulk Jeter up.

Jeter has done well for himself since that first year and now looks to turn the Miami Marlins from lovable losers into a winning team like in and Jeter has definitely taken some better photos as the year went on, but this one not so much. I bet Hannah would love to take this down and keep it as a personal gift for herself to remind her of the man she is married to.

At the end of the day, professional athletes are just like us.

Derek jeter in new york waxed jacket

They have problems that sometimes are larger than we realize. Being an alcoholic is one of the toughest things to overcome. This guy seems to be doing a great job of beating the odds, but that doesn't mean a photo won't surface of him drinking a cold one. Sabathia has been one of the more dominant left handed pitchers in baseball since he arrived with the Cleveland Indians in He certainly made a statement this year that age is just a at age 36, going with a 3. He was caught up on hard times in when he admitted he was going into rehab for his alcohol related problems.

It takes a man to admit when he needs help, so we commend C.

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