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In the realm of comic books, there are some male superheroes that just stand out! Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture. Nightwing IS NO. However Gambit should've ranked higher. Bucky ranked higher than Gambit?!

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Are they kidding me? I'd rank Gambit at 2 at least!!

How is Gambit 6 when it's a fact that he is made to be the most attractive male in Marvel? It's not an opinion.

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It's a stated fact. Like a lot of people already said about this list, there should be more DC characters or just a separate list for Marvel and one for DC. Nightwing, too, of course. Ya'll need to show a disclaimer or rate these things if you're going to show sex scenes.

Holy crap, not cool.

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Not all of us like seeing that stuff. I just came here to see nightwing in 1 And mention about his butt ,but this didn't happened.

Well duh one is Nightwing. He was actually voted sexiest character in comics. Sure Hugh Jackman is sexy but the comic Wolverine is a sort, hairy, smelly aggressive man. None of all those characteristics is sexy, at least in my book.

And what about Spidey? Sexy, charming, devoted and lot of humor.

The man that all women want. I was a tomboy growing up and just saw guys as buddies…until no joke I saw Gambit. I fell in love. I came for the thumbnail and I have no regrets.

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But lets be real for a minute Gambit is fucking sexy. Personally I think he shod have been higher on the list. To me Quicksilver is the sexiest male superhero with his luscious slicked back silver hair, pale white skin, gorgeous blue eyes and athletic-build. He is also one of the most badass characters in Marvel with his superspeed, intelligence, fighting skills and badboy attitude. I absolutely love him.

I'm a big Quicksilver fangirl. - to use the wp menu builder.

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Guys with Abs. Young skater blows load on Omegle. Spider Man actor Tom Holland is bulking up. Louis Partridge. Morning motivation. Batman is much hotter than superman.

Does anyone thinks that Spider-Man should be one the list. The absence of Silver Surfer and Namor invalidates this whole list. Only Nightwing could be 1. Sexy Male Superheroes are Gay. C'mon Wolvi deserved higher… better than Gambit. Ugh iron man should be on here.

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Obviously nightwing is the sexiest. Wolverine is supossed to look like Dr. Hook from Slap Shot… look it up .

My Sister is love with Winter Soldier. I know Doom is a villiam but he is hot af. If Nightwing wasn't one, there was gonna be a riot.

Now do supervillains please. No disrespect, but I have a feeling batman should have been 1. What about quicksilver?

He can vibrate his body really fast!

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But from time to time, your favorite superheroes have been known to don far less than even that leotard.


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